Breaking Into the Exciting Field of Tourism Management

Few careers offer the challenges and rewards of tourism management. It’s a field that is part geography and history expert, part customer service agent, part sales representative, and part event planner. Travel agents must be knowledgeable about the different offerings of tourist destinations world wide, and must also be aware of the technical aspects of booking flights, hotels, cruises, etc. The ability to take part in people’s vacation planning is both engaging and satisfying, and is what makes the travel and tourism industry so exciting.If you’re interested in becoming a travel agent, a tourism management certification may be a good fit for you. But how about studying to become a travel agent… without ever leaving home? Increasingly, many Canadian travel schools are offering on-line education to their students. The concept is simple: learn and acquire all the skills you need to become an employable travel agent using on-line courses, in the comfort of your home.

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The content of on-line travel certificates is overseen by the travel industry, so students can study knowing that they are learning the skills required to work in the real world of tourism management. Travel agent programs typically target two types of students: people who are new to the travel industry and who are interested in breaking into the field, and experienced travel agents who are looking to either hone their skills, or specialize in a field such as cruises, or organized tours.If you’re new to travel planning, then 15-course Travel Agent Certificate will give you the knowledge you need to be part of the industry. Courses are taught by experienced professionals, and cover such topics as booking fares and tickets, making travel reservations, planning leisure travel and the computer reservation system SABRE. Finish all 15 courses and you’ll get a Travel Agent Certificate of Completion… and a ticket into the exciting world of tourism management. Here are courses students would typically be expected to complete in order to acquire the certification:

Basics of tourism management
Trends in travel sales
Canadian air reservations
Canadian air fares
Automated air reservations
Destination geography
Basics of hotels and lodging
Ground transportation
Basics of cruise vacations
International fares and tickets
Canadian automated air fares and tickets
Canadian car rental and hotel accommodation systems
Specialty vacations and tours
Leading small group tours
Selling vacation tours and packages

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Like any field, however, getting that first job in tourism management can be intimidating. Fortunately, many schools which offer a Travel Agent Certificate help their students with this challenge by providing them with job banks, or even job placement help. Jobs can be localĀ­ – or international… after all, this is the travel business.

Best Hospitality and Tourism Management Schools

The best hospitality and tourism management schools are where you gain an academic education on a degree program, which is a requirement if you are planning on enjoying a long career in the travel and tourism industry. When you gain qualifications in the tourism industry, the knowledge and education you gain will ensure that you are going to succeed in the hospitality industry in general.Here are just a few of the top tourism and hospitality management schools located around the world:
National Academy Foundations, New York
IMI Switzerland
AIM Paris, France
Queenstown Resort College, New Zealand
Victoria Management School, New Zealand
Tourism Management Institute of Singapore (TMIS)

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Choose any one of these great management schools, and your life will soon become an adventure in this vast and exciting industry.The courses provided at these top colleges are designed to fit the students needs for knowledge and education, as well as the requirements of the tourism industry itself. Meaning hotels, casinos and cruise line companies. Courses offer both a practical approach to business administration and leadership to ensure qualify with an understanding of general, as well as tourism business practices. Although an exciting industry to be a part of, it very demanding of individuals and their knowledge.A degree in tourism management is just one of graduates qualifications/requirements (leadership aside), along with extracurricular learning in over two thousand hours of volunteer and paid work in one or more internships.Tourism management schools focus on the areas of hotel and event operations, as well as restaurant and gaming operations. This education is fundamental for working in a coastal resort or hotel, where education requirements vary amongst employers. The reason students are required to gain work experience on internships, usually throughout the summer months, is that most employers will hire someone who has already had experience in the tourism field. However, this is not always the case as many people become part of management team only having a bachelor’s degree and working their way up through the ranks to senior management level.

International Hospitality and Tourism Management

A career in international hospitality and tourism management encompasses hotels, restaurants and travel, to be concise. There is much more involved within each of these headings.Hospitality management by itself involves the management of administration of running hotels, and may include everything from the front desk to catering and entertainment. In fact, hotel management consists of the involvement of the organization of the rooms, the front office, the concierge, reception, reservations, housekeeping, catering, and entertainment. The hotel manager will also manage the financial aspect of running the hotel, and the marketing of it. They will also get involve in ordering the furniture, carpet, linens and oversee security issues.

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Tourism management involves the movement of people during their vacations. They will find various destinations for people on holiday to visit. It will involve the journey to the destination and the stay there itself. They would need to know all about the facilities in which their travelers would be staying, and other comforts offered. They would get their vacationers involved in the activities while on their tour. These destinations would need to be very temporary and short-term.Eco tourism is also becoming a very popular type of tourism. It involves the encouragement of travel that is environmentally responsible, and the greening of tourism.The education involved in this type of career may be of special interest to developers in timeshares and other vacation ownership. As well, it would be beneficial to people managing visitors bureaus, members of hotel and motel associations, and hotel and restaurant developers.

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When getting into the hospitality and tourism careers, it would also be very beneficial to learn other languages and dialects. This, of course, would open up an entire world of communication with your guests, so that you can be that much more accommodating. Being bilingual is always a plus, however, in almost any career.

International Hospitality and Tourism Management Positions

There are many careers that involve international hospitality and tourism management. And to find which one is best for you, you will need to examine what these specialty positions entail. They could consist of the organization of restaurants, hotels, and travel and tours. And the involvement is extensive.When you run a hotel, you will be getting involved in the organization of the front desk, reservations and concierge. This goes on to include the housekeeping right down to the laundry room, entertainment and catering, and especially the financial and marketing ends of it. Security is another big concern.

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Travel and tourism management includes taking people to other destinations from their original vacation. The journey to the tour itself must be orchestrated in a way that it is very short term, and your guests will be able to get back to their hotels within their vacation time. It will include the organization of the trip there, as well as the stay there, if necessary, perhaps for a night or two. You must know all of the amenities included, and be able to answer any questions the vacationers may have. If there are activities at the next destination, you will need to organize these, as well.Becoming very popular today is eco tourism. This is traveling environmentally responsibly. It encourages the greening up of tourism, and it is catching on.People who would benefit from further knowledge of this type of management would be timeshare and hotel developers, members of hotel associations, visitors bureau managers, and restaurant developers, among others.

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Learning a second or even a third language, or more, is always a great help in conversing and communicating with clients. Your guests will appreciate the time you took to learn their language and make their stay comfortable and stress free. Indeed, any career would benefit from knowing additional languages, but especially the career you choose in international hospitality and tourism management.

Online Degree in Tourism and Travel Management

Modernization in the technology of travel industry has really made online degree in tourism and travel management a main requirement if you are really interested in making a career in this field. The curriculum of online degree in tourism and travel management are designed with an aim of educating concepts, practices, and all the latest trends in the travel and tourism industry.When you have gained an online degree in tourism and travel management, you can work with different travel agencies, chambers of commerce, airlines, and cruise companies. It is very important that you have comprehensive knowledge of computer systems and internet in order to become a good travel agent. You have to be business minded who is capable of guiding and helping the travelers to choose their travel destinations, vacations, ticketing, and other different travel related facilities. Online degree in tourism and travel management mainly concentrates on various practices of logistics of global travel, aviation industry, and international dining.

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Following are the courses which are offered in tourism and travel management — Tourism Marketing & Economics
– Logistics
– International Customs Law
– Leisure & Recreation Concepts
– Business Accounting
– Air transportation
– Tourism Information Technology
– International Tourism
– International customs lawSkills attained-With a Travel and Tourism Management Degree you will be working in the tourism industry and will possess the skills required to work in a travel office. Following are the skills which are required in this field — Travel and Tourism Skills
– Travel Management Skills
– Accounting Skills
– Business Administration Skills
– Customer Service Skills
– Event Planning Skills
– Computer Skills
– People Skills
– Employee Management Skills
– Marketing Skills
– Critical Thinking SkillsWhen you have an online degree in tourism and management there are various career opportunities -Travel Agencies- You can work in travel agency as a travel agent who assists the travelers for various vacations or business trips. You will be providing complete information about the hotel ratings, foreign exchange, visas, different mode of transport, and details about the destination.Road Transport- Tourist cars and coaches have a great scope of self employment. The drivers having good communication skills and having knowledge of various languages are well-suited for this job.

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Airlines- This sector is having a great demand. Airlines need smart and enthusiastic professionals who are having an online degree in tourism and travel management. In this field reservation and counter staff, traffic assistants, sales and marketing staff, air hostess and flying stewards are required. There are various airlines which pay handsome salaries and offer various other benefits too.Tour operators- You will be organizing tours, manage travel, and stay of different clients. You will be assisting the travelers in the adventure sports like rock climbing, river rafting, and other outdoor activities. Having a great personality, comprehensive knowledge regarding various languages and travel will really help.If you really love traveling and can easily mix with the people, then travel and tourism industry is the place to be.